2014: A Year in Review

It used to be something an annual tradition for me to look back at the year that’s just past as we hit the new year, and I’d like to return to that now. It’s nothing too complicated, but a fun way for me to keep records.

In 2014, I:

  • Attended school, where I:
    • Helped author a book on student resistance to engaged learning techniques.
    • Continued work on my thesis.
    • Earned 35 credit hours at a 3.93 gpa (3.91 cumulative).
  • Presented at the Scholarship of Teaching Engagement (SoTE) conference.
  • Traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, to present at the International Consortium of Educational Development’s (ICED) 2014 conference.
  • Spent time in Stockholm, Sweden; Gothenberg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Coppenhagen, Denmark; and Amsterdam.
  • Published and won an award for my short fiction piece “Petals of Eden.”
  • Led the Creative Writing Club of UVU, which:
    • received an award for being the best new club in the 2013 to 2014 school year.
    • has run about 50 events to date, with an average attendance of ~14.
    • now has a new “president elect” who I will be training this next semester.
  • “Won” NaNoWriMo in November, writing 50,000 new words for my dystopian sci-fi project, As the Ark Sank.
  • Wrote quite a few blog entries, articles, and online lessons on the writing craft.
  • Nailed the GRE and put together a grad school application to the U of U’s MFA program.
  • Started dating someone truly awesome. (I’m always hesitant to put that stuff down; the future holds no guarantees. But I also want to be grateful for what the relationship has added to my life, regardless of where it goes in the future.)
  • Quit my ADD medication. (A four-month project. No joke. That’s how long it took to really feel free of the stuff.)
A challenging year, to be sure, but also one filled with amazing experiences. Here’s to another excellent year in 2015!
(Yearly reviews: 2010, 2011; maybe I should go back and fill in some of the other years, too? Clearly, I’ve been slacking.)