A Fairly Laid-Back Day of Freelancing

Rob’s Adventuring Tip of the Day: When looking for free WiFi, aim for a small cafe environment. Their food tends to be reasonable, they usually have wall outlets, the crowds are small enough that you won’t be too distracted, and the staff almost never mind if you hang around for a few hours.

French toast with yogurt
That French toast with yogurt I mentioned before.
It was so nice, I nommed it twice.

I got a huge amount done yesterday, but none of it was really in the adventurous category—at least not directly. For those really curious, my accomplishments included:

  • Writing three posts for this blog.
  • Making some minor layout/style tweaks to this blog.
  • Figuring out how to better optimize my images.
  • Figuring out how to make decent videos in Windows Movie Maker.
  • Completing 82% of my writer profile for one of the sites I’ll be working with.
  • Receiving two fairly good writing gigs from an old client.
  • Sending client invoices.
  • Cleared my email inbox.
  • Corresponding with my dad, who cleared out my mail and (huzzah!) found some checks (which he benevolently deposited in my account).
  • I updated my Twitter profile in order to better promote this blog.and
  • Arranging for insurance while I’m abroad.
I did a good portion of this while eating French toast and vegetable soup at that local cafe I mentioned earlier.
I also talked to some American tourists who are here, and they told me some really cool stories about Doolin, which I will be writing up here in a new feature I’m calling “stolen stories.” And there you have it! My July 27th update.
Today I walked: 3,000 steps. (Sad, I know.)