About Me

Rob D Young - writerI used to have no trouble writing biographies. I would use all sorts of fancy words, like “passion,” “blazing,” and so on. Now, the fancy words seem silly and the biographies feel almost impossible.

Here’s the biography I very much want to write: “Rob is a person.”

Somehow, I don’t think I’ll get away with that. Biographies are to say what sort of person, right? But what is a person, anyway?

Are people the things they care about? I have plenty of those. I get fascinated with life. I get obsessed with new ideas. I try very hard to make the world a little better (and usually feel like I don’t succeed). I try to be a good friend and a good listener. I care about people. People are my tribe.

Are people their stories? I have plenty of my own. I’ll tell them, if you’d like. Stories of love and loss and happy times and sad. Stories of backpacking through the UK or finding significance in something as simple as making my bed.

Are people the things they create? I write and compete with performance poetry. I’ve published fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry in a variety of journals.

Are we our hopes and aspirations? I’ve tried my hand at being an indie author. I’d still like to explore that territory. I’ll let you know how it goes. Over the next few years, I hope to help create an online community for creative writers that helps give a strong sense of social connection while providing a university-level creative writing education free of charge. I’ll let you know how that goes too.

I want to live in a more honest world. I haven’t found it yet, so I’m trying my best to help create it.

And this blog is my little scratch of virtual land. I hope you like the things I build on it. Mostly, it seems I build narrative essays, poetry, experimental blog-novels, and other creative work. But I’m manic about it, and never quite willing to bracket myself into a single role and specialty.

What else could I be?

Rob is a person, and every person is such a vast world. By the time we finish exploring any of our own continents, the entire landscape changes.