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Eagerly Awaiting

Like a blushing bride awaiting her wedding night, I’m horny for more red vs blue. But in a very masculine, very straight sort of way. I’m looking forward to next season, to becoming a sponsor, to hi res videos, to season four, and to the closer at hand rotation of the archives and nabbing more videos. Yay!

*Waits Patiently*

Yeah, so, I’m just waiting for new episodes, and the oporunity to become a sponsor. Also, I like pasta. That stuff is pretty good. Also, I keep getting this server glitch where an episode thinks it has downloaded after about 30-40 percent through, and when I try to download it again, it just says it’s finished, but doesn’t repair the installation, even if I have deleted the file. That’s pretty lame. Wish I could do something about that.

KK. That’s it.
`lost azrael

So, I’m not just a n00b

Yeah, so, did anyone think of putting it in the FAQ that membership was closed? Damn them. Damn them all!

Wait! Wait, I didn’t mean that! Come back, my friends! Please dont’ leave me . . . *sniffles* . . . .

Still Stumped

Is it truly just my seemingly infinite n00bness, or is there really not a link to upgrade right now? I mean, it would make sense. They are at the end of the season, after all. Perhaps it has all expired. *sighs and screams out* Won’t someone please CLARIFY! CLARIFY, DAMN IT!

I feel the horrors of my own n00bness

I sign up at long last, and find that I have no idea how to become a sponsor. Even the sponsorship FAQ does not help me. I don’t want to post anything in the forums, and I don’t want to sound like a n00b. Alas, I fear I am! I sit here and weep, hoping that something will save me from my ignorance.

In the meantime, I blame the site. There is no upgrade button! I swear, there is no upgrade button!

In the bloginning.

If you’ve gone all the way back to this entry, I’m guessing you’re trying to find out about the origins of this blog. Well, basically, in addition to my core writing blog, I compiled all my online personalities from various other blog outlets. This included entries from MySpace, the Red vs Blue community, and about a half-dozen Blogger blogs. The result is that, within two weeks of my creating this blog, it had over 600 entries.

Why? Why bother? Well, one, I like thinking of my past entries as a trail map of both my personal and professional evolution. It’s interesting seeing how much I’ve changed over time. I also figure that a small, small portion of those at this blog are there because they’re incredibly interested in me personally. For those curious little stalkers, I’m providing the service of saving them the web-wide hunt. The final motive is that my creative nonfiction sometimes covers elements of my past that are also discussed in this blog, and for both personal and public reflection of the differences between the two¬†accountings, I feel this blog plays an interesting role.

There are a couple outlets that I once had but that have been permanently deleted, including a couple journals on dating websites (OKC and then one on “Tickle,” which I don’t think even exists anymore). It also looks like they retired my MSN Live Space, which was my very first profile and blog. I even spent some effort trying to hunt that one down, just to have it as an artifact. Alas, it seems to be gone for good, but hopefully we’re not missing much.

Enjoy your obsessive stalking, crazy people. I hope you get what you’re looking for.