Hipmunk Hotels: Adventures in Henderson, St. George, and Boise

The Rocky Mountain states are a great many things to me, but “home” has to be toward the top of the list. As a tried-and-true Utahn, I’ve fallen in love with the mountains, the red rock wonders of the Colorado Plateau, and far more. That said, there are still plenty of places in the region that I have yet to explore. Here are just a few of them.

Henderson, NV

I am sick and tired of Las Vegas. Not to disparage the place, but six trips is quite enough for one lifetime. So when I next return to the region, I hope to stay in a Henderson hotel. Why? Beyond the attractions in Henderson itself, like the botanical cactus garden and hiking trails at Black Mountain, Henderson is in an ideally central location. I can take the 20-minute trek to Vegas to visit the few sites I’m fond of (read also: The Bellagio), and finally get around to visiting the Hoover Dam (which is just 30 minutes off).

Boise, ID

I very nearly took a detour to Boise on my route back from the west coast. I’ve heard the Greenbelt has gorgeous hiking, but I’m even more drawn to the World Center for Birds of Prey. (There’s just something about the elegant ruthlessness that I find fascinating.) And as I explore the many sites, great accommodation in Boise, like The Boise Hotel, will keep me in the center of it all.

Saint George, UT

In the year I lived in Cedar City, Saint George was always the city I went through on my way to anything further out. I’ve always meant to go back to give the city a real look. Most notably, Snow Canyon and State Hollow State Parks are said to be two of the most beautiful places in the state. Throw in the city’s pioneer history and the opportunity to stop by Cedar City’s renowned Shakespeare festival, and a couple nights in Saint George is clearly a must.

Yuma, AZ

I passed through Yuma on the way between Phoenix and San Diego, and I wish I’d grabbed a Yuma hotel and taken time to explore. The Yuma Regional Prison (which you’ve probably heard of if you’ve watched many old westerns) is one place I need to tick off my list, but the place that interests me even more is Castle Domes—a ghost town and museum about an hour north of the city.

Breckenridge, CO

As long as I’m exploring the Rockies and the plateau, I hope to take a jaunt over to Breckenridge. Beyond giving me access to the many wonders of Denver (it’s about an hour and a half away), Breckenridge would put me in the heart of the mountains. Whether I choose to explore the hikes of McCullough Gulch or Bald Mountain or one of the many other scenic locations, I know this retreat to nature will help recharge my batteries. And, of course, a stay at a convenient Breckenridge hotel will do its part to help me unwind too.

But those are just a few of the places my wanderlust has pointed me to lately. What about you? What travel dreams are you having? Share your journey-demanding destinations in the comments, below.