This was a bizarre day. To put it relatively simply, I had far too much caffeine and had some work stuff happen that made me anxious. As a result, I couldn’t get to sleep on the 4th. So after three hours of trying without success, I decided to get up and start doing holiday stuff.

That holiday stuff included eating, but I didn’t track it particularly well. I probably had coffee before leaving. I know I had half a 10″ pizza and all of a “cheesecake iced coffee” at the park with the freedom festivities. Then there was a barbecue where I had two veggie burgers, some macaroni salad, some patriotic trifle stuff, two cups of margarita, and two beers over the course of a few hours. I also took naps in small doses.

After returning home, I was finally able to sleep for a few hours (about four, but I’d also gotten maybe two hours of cumulative nap time over the four or five hours of the barbecue). I woke up around 1am because I didn’t want my sleep schedule to get too warped. Then I ate about a quarter of a blueberry pie, had a cup of cold brew coffee, and had more of the patriotic trifle.

It was not a day of brilliant eating, nor did it do the healthy transition off of the liquid cleanse that I’d been hoping for. It was a tired holiday, though, and while I probably ate in excess I certainly had a variety of foods, so that at least is a plus.

I will try to resume this picture pattern, but we’ll see what I can manage. (I know I accidentally skipped half of my stuff for the 5th, so … not a great sign.)

Plus side? My goal with the sleep schedule bit worked out well, and I didn’t get off track at all.