Caffeine Poisoning, Again

This is the second time I’ve poisoned myself with caffeine, although admittedly it’s far less severe. In addition to having ingested less, and having fewer “extras” in my system (last time I also had pain killers thinning my blood stream), I’m reassured by the fact that nothing terrible happened last time.

It was 4 energy drinks over about 6 hours this time, equating to something to the tune of a thousand mg of caffeine in my bloodstream. That’s roughly a third the lowest that’s ever killed someone, and they had the caffeine shot into them intravenously. That being said, my heart is going crazy, jumping between 90 and 130 bpm at random, switching from faint to hammering at an instant.

I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe, and that the misery will be over within a few hours. While the adrenal sensation, the bursts of muscle tension, the facial twitches, the perpetual nervousness, the nausea, the stomach pains, the lightheadedness, the tingling skin, is miserable, odds are very low that I’ll actually be damaged by this in any way – temporarily or long term. If I die from this, it will set a new record.

But it’s 1am, and I don’t have anyone to talk to. I don’t have anyone to make sure I’m okay in a few hours. I feel very alone and very stupid.

This post isn’t fishing for sympathy. It’s more of a trail marker, just in case something happens. It’s helping me calm down to catalog all of it. Anyway . . . I’ll update when I’m feeling better.

Update: The symptoms lasted until approximately 4:30am. I feel almost completely better today – sans a headache.