I’m Feeling Pretty Good

Quitting caffeine was hard, with the first week leaving me feeling ransacked and the second week leaving me bereft of motivation. But in the third and now fourth week, my motivation is back and my mood feels more upbeat and stable.

Quitting gluten seems to have contributed here to both mood and energy level.

It’s all theory. That’s the tricky thing. You must find what works for you, universals being so rare in human lives, but figuring out for certain what leads to what is almost impossible. There are no isolated variables, no control groups. Plus, a sample size of one will never be sufficient.

But I can say that … I’ve felt pretty good. Everyday tasks that previously felt like struggles, like situations where I was dragging myself through mud, now feel easy. My energy isn’t wildly high and I hit slumps at various points in each day, but I feel pretty lively and my sleep schedule has adjusted.

Whenever I reach a positive balance like this, I worry about trying to make extra improvements. Should I go vegan for a bit? Should I do another gallstone cleanse? Should I integrate swimming? These all seem like potentially valuable steps, but what if they throw things out of the positive balance where they’re at? It’s an odd anxiety, perhaps, but reaching this point has been a rarity in my life.

I’ve had a lot of good days lately. I don’t know how much or how long it will continue, but right now … I feel pretty good.