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Also, one Oreo.

Breakfast of champions.


Food (FD6+)

Right now….

All the stuff I didn’t post before. 

Not going to do this daily. Too easy to forget. Will do every meal, and though I will still be trying to leave leftovers, I won’t take separate pictures for that. All emotional eating thoughts and similar will come as summary posts using the food pics as mnemonic triggers.


I experimented with taking all my pictures when the intent to compile them into a post at the end of the day. Didn’t even post on the first day. But here are the posts.

On the other hand, it’s really easy to build upload and I won’t be spamming posts. So I’ll keep considering.


Food D1

Hungry and craving cookies. Opted for the chocolate protein with the hopes of culling that craving. Coffee has some sugar and vanilla creamer. 

Had a second cup of coffee and finished the lot off over the course of several hours.

Food D1

The soup! 
Also the rest of this:

Finished the Bolthouse and left this in soup. Doing pretty well eating by appetite. Want to come up with a more effective way to track emotional eating aspects while on the go.