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Food D1

Started with this.

Shared about a third of the lemonade and only had this much of the Bolthouse. Decided to make soup and wanted to save room.

Breakfast: D1

The cup has lemonade. My dad’s special lemonade left over from the reception.

Don’t think there were any emotional eating issues, but I am so tired that I can’t be sure. 😉


Snack on D0

See how committed I am? Sharing orange juice? (No second picture, though. Drank all of this.)

Lunch on 6/30 (D0)

Bolthouse noms (leftover and new), this time with caffeine included. Caffeine craving definitely part of the selection, but I’m actually hungry right now. Feeling a bit stressed (I may talk more about that later), so I’m going to be especially watchful for over consumption due to those emotions. 

And I drank ‘n all up over the course of, like, three hours. No emotional eating, but maybe some distracted eating in there.

Snack 1 on 6/30 (D0)

I did not eat the dog’s legs. She just jumped up when I was trying to take a picture. 

Had this much.

Did not eat the decapitated pony.

Breakfast on 6/30 (Day 0ish)

The liquid fast begins! My wife got me a dirty chai as a “morning” surprise, and the others are Bolthouse faves.

And after, I had the whole friggin vanilla chai left. I may get hungry again soon, but for now I’m feeling sated.

Final Meal for 6/29

See how healthy I eat when I know people might notice? 😉

No emotional eating in this one. Just hungry and trying to eat what looks both tasty and healthy.

(Also, with grave shifts, what do I call this 5am meal? Dinner?)

And I’ll explain this next picture later: