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Rob’s Epic Quest for Health and Sanity: Day 0

Not many people check this website. It gets a few hundred views to previous posts each month, and that seems about like what the site has to offer. But right now, I’m looking at what the site can offer me.

I am not dreaming of a wildly successful blog. Instead, I am trying to look at the struggles I’m facing and the goals I’m pursuing, and evaluate the resources I have at my disposal. So as I struggle to continue my Epic Quest for Health and Sanity, I’ve wondered if there’s some benefit for me here.

Let me back-pedal. Allow me to explain.

My health is off the rails. It’s all tangled up in emotional issues. My efforts to improve my health, to lose weight, to make progress on goals … it goes right as long as my life has a certain level of calm. But then depression crops up, or impressively stressful things happen, or I enter a state of anxiety, and suddenly all my goals topple. It’s clear that there are still fundamental issues for me to work out. And I don’t know how to do that.

What I know is that I want to do what I can to figure it out. I don’t know any way to approach it but by trying things, throwing potential solutions at the wall and seeing if any of them stick. And as I do that, there are some ideas I have that would involve journaling, trying to get a discussion going or group input, sharing pictures of food I’m eating, and so on and so forth.

May be the social factor of sharing it in a space that people might actually see … a place I already created that gets some traffic … that will help. Or maybe not. Maybe there are people who will encounter my writings and attempts to work through things and will benefit from them. Or maybe not. And maybe I’ll continue this for years because it will prove to be such a valuable resource. Or maybe not.

No promises. No highly polished content, appealing images, networking, or any other nonsense in that category. Just me, thinking aloud, trying to work through things, using this space for social accountability and as a place to reach out for help. If it’s useful for me, awesome. If not, I’ll abandon it once more.

But before I started slapping up pictures of the food I’m eating, I thought I’d let you know.

Ways I might use this site? Tracking what I’m doing. Sharing progress. Sharing pictures of everything I’m eating and reflections on why I’m eating it. Free-writing through struggles I’m facing. Talking about solutions that seem to be working. Posting pictures of me dancing like a maniac. Talking about my plans so I have some sense of social accountability. Etceterca, etceterca.

See you soon.

In Defense of Food: Summary and Review

Rob's Epic Quest for Health and Sanity
I recently finished reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, a book that condemns large swaths of American food culture and aims to provide a few alternatives. In this post, I’ll provide a summary of the book’s core ideas and then give my thoughts about the book.

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50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food: Summary and Review

After reading Intuitive Eating (check my review here), I felt a real need to do further research into the question of emotional eating. While the advice from Intuitive Eating was valuable, its conclusion on emotional eating boiled to “don’t do it.” No real directions on how to do that or on what good alternatives may be. After a bit of research, I found a book titled 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food. Score!

I finished reading that book the other day, and wanted to share my thoughts.

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Intuitive Eating: Review, Summary, and Key Takeaways

Rob's Epic Quest for Health and Sanity
Yesterday, I finished reading Intuitive Eating, a book that claims to provide a “Revolutionary Program that Works.” I wanted to take the time to share the key takeaways from the book and discuss my own experience with the book’s advice thus far.

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REQ Update: The Weeks Ahead

Rob's Epic Quest for Health and Sanity

I mentioned in my previous post about Rob’s Epic Quest for Health and Sanity that I would soon be posting more consistently on some specific, health-related topics. I wanted to take some time to elaborate on that slightly more.

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Why I Don’t Believe In Calories

Rob's Epic Quest for Health and Sanity

I just walked out of a stress management class where the lesson was on calories. This entirely well-meaning section of the course has been describing the “good” and “bad” types of calories, and emphasizing the importance of putting the right kinds of food into your body. It seems harmless, right? In fact, according to our general cultural view, it seems like the right course of action.

But I didn’t walk out due to shame or laziness or anything of the sort. I walked out because these types of lessons are part of a destructive cultural mythology.

What? Really? Calories? What’s so wrong with calories?

I wanted to take the time to explain just that.

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