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Basic Advice

We all want the same thing from life, even if we all put it in different ways. Plain and simple, we all want to be happy (or at least know HOW to be happy. To elaborate on this point, what I mean is that not all of us want to be happy all the time. Goodness and progression and other things take away from undiluted happiness, but nonetheless, it is the core of our desire). So many scriptures support this. One of my favorite LDS scriptures puts it quite plainly. “Men are that they might have joy.”

So, to continue. I have a bit of basic advice right now that I feel like sharing.

First, respect yourself. Whatever that means to you is fine. For me, I had to break a pornography addiction. It was not something I felt was contributing to me, and succumbing to it meant giving into parts of myself I did not like. Overeating, slothfulness, etc., are all forms of a lack of self respect. Learn to love yourself enough that you’re willing to make sacrifices for your happiness.

Second, establish a healthy routine. You don’t have to have a structured life. I love sponteneity. However, at the same time, you have to have some form of routine to be sure you get the basic things done. Start your morning in a certain way. Give yourself time to prepare. I personally set aside three hours to wake up, go to the gym, do yoga, and read a fair amount. It helps me see things clearly, de-stress, improve myself, and then I have the rest of the day to handle things as they come. In this same subject are proper sleep and exercise. Treat your body well. You can’t be happy while your body is suffering.

Third, remember to enjoy life. There are reasons you are at your job. Focus on them. Remember why you took the job. If it is not enough, take steps to go further. Do things you enjoy. With things like video games or internet use, or even sexuality, don’t overuse them. The biggest flaw of gluttony (and not just in food) is that it drowns out enjoyment. We start doing things, not because we want to, but because we are used to doing them. Be aware of what makes you happy, and what doesn’t. Stop every once in a while to ask yourself “Is what I’m doing making me happy? What can I change? What do I want to change? Am I proud of myself right now? Is there a purpose to what I’m doing right now?” Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re enjoying something, just because it may be harder to stop or quit. Play video games, watch movies, do the things you enjoy, but at the same time, be aware of your own enjoyment. When you become tired, overstimulated, or frustrated, give yourself a break. Go do something else. Come back later. You’ll find you’ll enjoy it all ten times more, and will have a happier life.

Fourth, live for you. No one can tell you what your life should or shouldn’t be. Have your own ambitions, beliefs, and growth. Everything will happen for you in its own way and timing. Absolute truth is a naive concept. Everyone is different, so it makes perfect sense that some things will ring more true for certain people. Don’t live by other people’s expectations, and don’t try to live vicariously through others, either. Do your best for you. You can’t please everyone anyway, but if you work on yourself, you’d be surprised how, after time, people begin to accept that anyway. And then, at the very least, you know that when parents or friends are proud of you, they’re proud of YOU, and not just some illusion you’re wearing for their sake.

Five, stick with the things that make you happy. “By their fruits ye shall know them,” said Christ. If it makes you happy, truly happy, and you can honestly say that, stick with it. Don’t give up on an idea, or a feeling, or a person, just becomes there are difficulties or things don’t always seem “logical.” Even if you feel like people will think you’re weird for doing something like yoga, hell, do it anyway. If it makes you happy, don’t worry about those other things. Maybe people criticize you for your religion, your spiritual beliefs, or the way you choose to live your life. Don’t let your mind, your friends, your life’s pressures, deter you from happiness. In the end, this life is about you, and you should do what makes you happy.

I have a lot of strong personal beliefs. I will not do drugs. I avoid alcohol almost vehemently. I use caffeine sparingly. I’m vegetarian.

I have strong beliefs in Christ, and even in the LDS Church (despite my many frustrations with it), forms of taoism, and practices such as yoga and meditation.

I believe certain things are wrong. In my life, I could never “approve” hypersexuality, homosexuality, violent anger, drug abuse, or many other things. This is my world, however. If you choose differently than I do, and do things I would and could never do, I cannot approve of what you do. Luckily, it is not my place to do so to start with.

Loves, all. I have much more advice, but I’ll stop there for now. Have fun, and be happy, kay?

A Time of Reflection

I’m using this time as a time to look back over the progress I’ve made. One year ago today, i would’ve still been with my ex-wife, in a period of argument and difficulty, co-dependent, not in loving but trying to be, forcing myself to try and want things I didn’t want, spiritually empty, slothful, addicted to porn, and so much more. Not everything was bad back then, mind. Still, it wasn’t very great.

Today I’m with a girl that I’m very much in love with. We both live independently, but want to be together. We don’t need each other, and that makes us want each other that much more. We argue sometimes, that’s true, but it honestly feels like we’re out of whatever period of argument we went through. I’m spiritually progressing more than I can say. I’ve stopped accepting things blindly. If I’m going ot know something, and do something, it’ll be for me. I’m not going to have a religion with my life lost somewhere inside. I will have my life with my religion as a wonderful part of it. Since one year ago, I have lost 14” on my waist, lost 70 pounds, gained muscle and tone, changed my lifestyle completely, and am now happy. In the last four months, I have looked up porn three times. I know, it’s not perfect. I still haven’t totally broken the addiction, but if any of you reading this are porn addicts (and are trying to break the habit), you know three times in four months is a hella good sign of progress. I’m active, adventurous, and have overcome a lot of my depression and hardship. One year. One single year, and this is how far I’ve come. I wonder where I’ll be one year from now?

Religion and Such

Please know that this is not a way to rale
or tell you that I love you any less.
The only purpose of these verses is
to show, and plea for what I now confess.

You see a world without its shades of gray.
To you, its always dark or always light.
That you are wrong is not for me to say.
I only say, for me, this isn’t right.

And now I pierce my ear or stain my skin
and suddenly it means I have not tried.
I do not think that thinking is a sin,
or that goodness comes in only shirts and ties.

Perhaps the things I do are truly wrong,
but the God I know says purpose lies in joy.
I’m doing the best to be the man I am.
I cannot be a drone in God’s employ.

Please know I always want to make you proud,
I want to make you see how well you’ve done.
But it must be me, and not some mask I wear
for your joy in me to be joy in your son.

I’m sorry if these words don’t come out right.
I hope you see more fully what I’ve meant.
I’m still trying, striving for the light,
though I make mistakes for which I must repent.

I’m not perfect, and I know I never will be.
I’m trying my best, though I do slip, all the same.
I hope some day you’ll be truly proud of me.
Not for what I do, but for who I truly am.

Highly Interesting Poem (Give Opinion!)

Internal Trinity

Masochism is the mind trying to claim mastery over the struggling spirit.
Let me elaborate.
There is an internal trinity.
There is the body, the mind, and the spirit.
We see this same trinity elsewhere.
Christ—the body, come to earth.
God—the mind, dictating our patterns and reasons.
The Holy Ghost—giving guidance and comfort.
And of course, they’re all connected.
The internal trinity is similar.

Masochism is a man riding a horse.
The part riding the horse is the mind.
The horse is the spirit.
And there is a man. A man beyond the horse
who has wounded him, startled him.
This, by theory of elimination, must be the body.
Or the flesh, to put it in a better, more suiting way.

The horse becomes startled. We realize very quickly what has happened,
and our few options.
The horse is going out of control.
Will it attack? Will it run away? We have very few options.
We must struggle with the horse, or run from it.
Masochism gives us option C.

The man on the horse takes out a gun.
The horse rears up, threatening to destroy the man outside.
To trample him.
The man on the horse is also in danger.
Danger of being thrown off, thrown away.
This man puts the gun to the back of the horses head.
And then it’s done, with a single shot.

The other man has taken some damage, too.
Damage in the struggle here, in this instant,
but it is the sort that will vanish in only a few days.
The horse is not quite so lucky.

The horse collapses.
He is not dead.
He is only wounded.
Maybe bleeding.
Bleeding just a little.
He’ll recover.
In a week.
A month.
Who knows.
But he’ll recover if he’s tended to.
This is masochism.

The internal trinity is a reflection of that above.
Only that God’s masochism is a different sort.
Instead of shooting the horse,
he turns aside from the flesh of man.
Absolute mastery.
The spirit tramples.
The body is destroyed.

Is there a deeper symbolism here?
I wouldn’t know.
Is there more to think about?
Perhaps you have things.
I am just explaining.
Explaining how I am different.
How I am different from God.

I long to, though, let the spirit ride free,
let my body be shattered—the rest latched to the back of the horse.
And I’ll strive to, as well.
Strive to cling to that horse, and not be trampled—or startle it.

But for now, the horse lies dead out in a field.
I sit alone with my flesh and wonder at the deed.
Out there somewhere, the spirit still bleeds,
because the horse was perfect, and refused to yield.

A great day.

A great life, actually. Some things just really clear to me right now, and haven’t been for a while. I’m feeling very good, and pretty damn good about myself.

I can’t do too much if I want this to be brief, but I’ll go ahead and summarize. Steph (my girl) and I have been going through a hard time. A couple months of it, actually. If you look back at old entires. She did some things, before we were even in a relationship, actually, that made me feel really worthless, and pretty insecure. We went on a long hard road of argument and difficulty, depression and fear, and finally, for the first time in my life, I feel I was truly able to forgive someone. I forgave her. Found that strength, and afterwards, we both said how we felt like different people. For you to understand, I’d have to elaborate more, if you haven’t experienced it, but just trust me, eh? It’ll take a long time, and a lot of effort, to feel that things are completely forgiven, and completely gone, but for the first time in a while, things feel totally right again.

Afterwards, we felt (or realized) that some degree of our passion was gone. That somewhere in the course of all the arguing, we’d lost that. We were scared. Scared to death for about a day, and cried a lot. Cried together. We talked, talked about how much we love each other, and how strange it is to feel that change. We didn’t know if we would be all right.

Absolutely, we will be. I realized, we both did, that passion cannot be a 100% of the time sort of thing. That you just burn out if you try to do that. That we’ve both had a rough couple of months, and so we can’t expect absolute passion. That passion may not even be the best thing for us right now. And more than anything, we realized that our relationship went a lot deeper than that. That our care for each other runs so much deeper than just the passion we feel. That we have an incredibly strong friendship, and great compatibility, and so much to fall back on within the relationship. It’s so beautiful, how wonderful things are.

I have no doubt that there will be a lot of passion in the future for us. Just in its own time and in its own way. In a way, I’m greatful to have a break from it.

I can’t wait to marry this girl. I really hope it works out, and I’m quite confident it will. She has become my everything. I’m not saying I’m making the same mistakes of my past and investing everything in her (as I did with my ex-wife, becoming co-dependent). Just that her value in my life exceeds the value of everything else by so much that it seems that nothing else truly matters. My everything.

There were a lot of sweet lines as we were frightened, lying together, crying. We were confused. The great line, I think, was “If we wrote our story, would anyone believe it?” Everything feels surreal in a way. Or maybe just too good to be true.

Yeah, well so much for the summary. Hey, if you’re on this site, this forum, and my profile, it means you’re bored. If you’re not bored enough to feel up to reading a couple pages of stuff here, you should probably be doing something more useful with your time.

Probably the coolest thing in all my realizations was, this morning, when I was making all the realizations about what Steph and I have our relationship based off of, I took out my daily meditation book, and today’s was “Mate,” and its mantra read “Passion is but the precursor to years of perfect unfolding.” Pretty sweet, huh?

All this left me feeling like this is such a great opportunity to re-define myself, and take care of a lot of my pent up issues. I did an 8 page rant, and I made some choices. About my ex-wife, largely. She’s been in my mind still, even if she hasn’t been in my heart. And I realized today, facing things, that yeah, she was selfish. That yeah, she did not treat me right. She was scared, and she chose comfort for herself over comfort for me. She never did love me how I loved her, and I was never truly at the top of her priority list, even if she’d tried to make it so I was. Something else, usually sleep (for which she cancelled so many plans), took priority over me, and I deserve better. And I have better. I really do.

I’m very happy in life. I have to remember not to become too content, to keep living the adventure and striving to be more, but for now, this is an excellent break.

Have fun, all, and remember, don’t feel bad for how you feel. It’s good to feel things. Good to cry sometimes, and laugh other. Let’s you know you’re still alive. Let’s you see that you’re different, that we’re different from other things and creatures—that we contain that divine spark, and for that, life is truly worthwhile.

~Rob Faeth~

Burning Bad Karma

Okay, so I was supposed to have my first real acting gig. Paid, I mean. Sitcom. “Featured Extra.” But the casting director put one too many guys in, so they had to boot one. Which one? Me, of course. They didn’t give a reason it was me, but probably my appearance was what it was, you know? The other guys were taller, probably better looking. They didn’t say anything, but of course, I’m left to think “Am I just too fat? Am I just too ugly?”

In the end, though, I’m burning some bad karma. I know I’ve got a lot left in my left, and I’m building new bad karma every day. So this will help bring me balance with the universe, eh? And it’ll make me stronger. Just kinda pisses me off, you know?

Oh, and also, today is the three month anniversary with my girlfriend. Officially got together three months ago today, so that’s pretty sweet.

Caio, all. Force be with you or summat.

Because I Feel Like Updating

Yep. I do. Today I feel a bit . . . frozen. But it’s cool, because of one thing I’ve been keeping up on a lot more lately. That being . . .


Nifty, huh? Yeah. So I’m back into meditations and stuff. My mind is having a hard time processing some stuff right now. I don’t exactly know why. I should try to get stuff done tonight. I really should. Now I’m ranting. This isn’t an update at all!

Okay, so my girl and I did something really cool the other day. I’ll give you a hint. We went to a store. That store sold items which were made of precious gems and materials. We looked at these items, and tried to decide on the symbolism we would want for us. And our fingers. Or something.

Yeah, I lost myself, too. I feel really weird today. I’ll talk to you all later!