Caffeine Withdrawal Notes: 1-3

Day One Off of Caffeine:

Very much as anticipated, the day felt much like any other but with a sagging fatigue that began to trail me from roughly halfway through the day. I was drowsy during my work shift and ready to collapse the moment I got home, and I can’t claim to be as attentive during the day as I would have liked, but it was a mild discomfort.

Day Two Off of Caffeine:

The second day off caffeine is the one I anticipate with dread, as I’ve often had intense headaches. Some so bad the pain makes me vomit. While I had a lingering ache in the back of my skull through most of my waking hours, that headache was actually pretty mild. Of course, this may just be because I only spent about five hours awake before using my day off — as planned — for extra sleep. I got something like twelve hours of sleep total with that five hours of waking between. Then, when I woke on Monday morning, I took melatonin and managed to get to bed again after just six hours awake, sleeping until three thirty (about four hours of sleep).

Day Three Off of Caffeine:

I’d worried that the headache would simply appear today, but it didn’t. What did appear was an overpowering exhaustion. I felt barely capable of keeping up with the few household items that absolutely had to be done (e.g., getting dinner ready, getting the boys to bed, etc.). I spent most of the time between lying in bed hoping to get a nap that shook off some of this exhaustion. To my frustration, I spent many hours swimming in that fatigue but unable to dip into sleep. I did, finally, get a couple hours of rest that did improve both my mood and my energy substantially. However, I worry about my energy as I move into Day Four.