Caffeine Withdrawal Notes: 4-6

Day Four: The day was plagued by fatigue, but otherwise there was nothing of great note. The tiredness I experienced was relentless, and frustrating above all for how it made me desperate for rest but somehow unable to actually fall asleep.

Day Five: My second day off started well, with my energy surprisingly high. It crashed after a few hours, unfortunately, and I was left desperate for sleep. Rather than being wise and forcing myself to stay up to at least some reasonable hour, I let myself fall asleep around one in the morning and I slept until eight. My body really does want to sleep at normal hours, but alas, it’s not to be (at least for a good while yet). As a result, my sleep schedule was skewered. I also faced a general headache throughout the day.

Day Six: Because of my skewered sleep schedule, my sixth day off of caffeine was chaotic. I felt lively and energetic at the time I should normally be asleep, dead tired by early afternoon, and exhausted by the time I should have been doing things to help out at home. I slept another two hours, a bit more, just before work, but it wasn’t enough to shake off the sense of exhaustion. Most notably, I struggled pretty hard to stay awake during the second half of my work shift. I did find, though, that splashing cold water on my face or even just running in place for a bit helped with this effort. Working in exercise may be important for keeping my energy levels up while off caffeine.