I Come Bearing Questions

As you can probably tell, a lot of this stuff is just me free-writing. Talking helps me think, and it feels more orderly and useful if I can do it with an “audience,” even if I recognize that audience is purely hypothetical. And I like to think that maybe, just maybe, someone else will be able to learn from my struggles and skip forward a few steps. Maybe others are asking the same questions I am, and the way I approach those questions can help others with their own process.

I’ve thought about making this its own website. Reasons I’m not doing that are plentiful. It would mean having no audience. It would mean setup time for a project that I may just abandon. Instead, I’m just changing the site’s architecture a bit, so that the health stuff will now be on robbieblair.com/req/.

So, Rob’s Epic Quest for Health and Sanity continues. I come with very few answers, trying my best to question my own opinions. What I have in plenty are my questions. I hope they’re of some use to you.