REQ Update: The Weeks Ahead

Rob's Epic Quest for Health and Sanity

I mentioned in my previous post about Rob’s Epic Quest for Health and Sanity that I would soon be posting more consistently on some specific, health-related topics. I wanted to take some time to elaborate on that slightly more.

Bringing You Up to Speed

First off, I wanted to let you know how I spent February and March. The months were hectic for me and this blog—and my health—were tertiary priorities for me. Why? Quite simply, I was clearing everything off of my plate. I finished my first full draft of my thesis, re-drafted it, and defended it; I completed all of my coursework for five of my six classes; and in the coming week, I expect to finish the last of my schoolwork for the semester. Once this happens, April will be available as a month where I transition into my post-school projects.

I have debated and debated exactly how to prioritize my post-school projects, but ultimately decided that my health should be my top priority. It’s too easy to let it permanently be a secondary or tertiary priority; something else will always come up. As a way to make my health into a more trackable project, I will be using this blog.

My first step in sharing that journey will be to tell you how I got through all my work in the last two months, what I’ve learned about managing anxiety, what I’ve learned about chronic stress, and how I’ve come to organize my life more effectively. hope to cover all of this by mid-April.

Rob’s Epic Quest: May and Beyond

My current plan is, come May, I’ll be making two posts per week on the topics that I’m exploring. I will be starting by discussing Intuitive Eating—a program I’m been researching at some length. My plan is to read through the book a second time, taking each section slowly as I do additional research and experimentation. Topics will be added or skipped as I move through that process, and I’ll decide on what comes after once I get to that point.

I have a list of other books I’ll be reading, too. Among titles on my personal reading list are Health at Every Size, 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, The Emotional Eater’s Repair Guide, Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere, and Eating Mindfully. I’ll be reviewing these books and sharing the major takeaways and lessons with you.

In the coming months, I will be making regular posts on topics related to my health and sanity: stress management, intuitive eating, holistic approaches to improving focus, improved nourishment, getting active, finding better coping methods for dealing with stress and boredom, mindfulness, and so on. I hope you’ll join me in that journey.

Take good care of yourself,