The Second Week Off Caffeine

Here are my lump-sum observations:

When I have energy, it’s great. My sleep cycle is also more predictable and feels healthier. I feel more connected to my natural appetite, although the post-Halloween candy-fest and the self-fueled cravings associated with the same have disconnected me from that same appetite to some degree.

But when I crash, I crash hard. It’s interesting that one of the best solutions is something my body seems to actually want during that down-slide: To exercise. Why don’t I? When it fits so well with my goals? My favorite exercises are out because of my shoulder, it’s sub-40 outside on the regular, and it feels like few other options are open to me. But these are all excuses, of course. I can find other options and act on them, but I’m struggling to do so.

Which brings me to the other item. Energy is tricky, don’t get me wrong. But the real hard part is the lack of motivation. I have a stack of work to get to, but no drive to get it done. This is where resisting the desire for coffee gets hard.

I’ll update more soon.