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A Day in the Wandering Life

[The events of this entry took place on 10/15]

Today, I wrote a guest article for Copy for Bylines, discussing how I get by through freelancing work during my European voyages. The article was starting to get a bit long, so I decided to cut one section (“A Day in the Wandering Life”) out completely. Here’s that omitted content:

Zoom in on the writer as his eyes slowly open, greeted by the uncomfortable brightness of the morning. It takes a moment to remember that these light-flooded windows don’t look out on familiar territory, but instead gaze over mist-glazed Scottish mountains.

Scottish Mountains of Fort William

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A Night In: Fort William

Streets of Fort William

Fever flushes through my cheeks. Blame the long walk and light coat I took into the five degrees centigrade of Fort William’s rainy evening. Or blame my sleepless night. Or blame the weather. But set aside that blame, and listen for a moment to the crackling of the mostly-ember fire.

Ignore the elaborate Victorian flourishes on the molding, the overdone floral patterns on the chairs and couches, the mismatched reds and browns of the carpet, the factory-built and vaguely neo-classical structure of the “carved” wood around the fireplace. Instead, relax your back into the stiff cushions and listen to those coals crackling with the last efforts of flame.

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Photo Recap: Edinburgh Walking Tour

This is a continuation of my photo recap of un-chronicled adventures in Scotland. You can read the previous entry here.

September 9th: Edinburgh Walking Tour

On the 9th, I finally got around to taking the free walking tour of the city. Here are the photos I took.

Before the tour started, I stumbled across Yoda, who was floating on the side of the street.

Edinburgh: Floating Yoda

I gave him a pound, then went on the tour. One of the first sights was the famous St Giles Cathedral.

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Photo Recap: Wandering Edinburgh

I have a total of 100 pictures to share over the next few entries. I’m going to try to divide it up between at least a few entries. Here’s the start: A set of images from my random wanderings in Edinburgh, Scotland.

From September 6th: St Andrew’s Square and Princes Street

You’ll find the Walter Scott Monument, which I blogged about previously, along Princes Street. But the roadside also has little statues and monuments, like this one.

Edinburgh memorial cross.

Heading the opposite direction from my hostel was St Andrew’s Square.

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Daily Bread: Oban Castle

This is the daily bread for 10/3. To read more about this tradition, click here. I’ve taken a couple days off of daily bread so I could focus on my freelance work, but you should see more from me in the semi-near future.

☑ My Morning Walk: Oban Castle

After a bit of advice from the hostel staff, I headed up the road toward Oban Castle, winding along the shoreline and through a forest path. (Oh! I’m in Oban, by the way. It’s on the Atlantic coast in northern Scotland.)

The rocky shores of Oban.

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Daily Bread: William Wallace Monument

This is my daily bread for 10/2. You can read more about this tradition here.

☑ My Morning Walk: The William Wallace Monument

I decided to trek to the William Wallace monument, the most prominent structure in Stirling. You’ve seen pictures of it in my previous Daily Breads. Here’s what it looks like from a bus stop fairly close to the structure itself.

William Wallace Monument - moderate distance.

I wound my way up the road and got to the visitor’s center.

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Daily Bread: Stirling’s Old Jail and Church of the Holy Rude

This is my daily bread for 10/1. You can read more about this tradition here.

☑ My Morning Walk: Holy Rude, Staney Breeks, Old Town Jail

I didn’t sleep last night, but after a bit of writing, artistic work, and even some productivity, I decided I’d head up to the Church of the Holy Rude (which I spelled incorrectly in my previous entry—gasp!).

Stirling's Church of the Holy Rude

It turns out September 30th was the last day it was open to tourists until May, so I missed the cut-off by less than 24 hours. I did give myself a virtual tour by tracking down online information. Here’s what I learned.

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