The Timber Floor and More

The Timber Floor and More

There are many people who are fond of natural textures in their homes. These textures come from practices like timber flooring. The highest paid construction designers and engineers provide the hardwood flooring in Dubai for housing. The hardwood is a type of flooring that is made from actual timber. The blocks from the tree are cut down and shaped into the tiles that are most suitable for house building and floor making. This floor is made with the help of timber tiles cutouts that are processed and grown for this purpose.

Floor Laydown and Building options

 It takes many years for a tree to grow to a length which could be used as a timber floor. However, there are many forums that have started to adopt different option for flooring. The biggest reason for going with wooden flooring is the sense of developing a posh environment. The hardwood floors are considered to be very expensive and therefore, they are also considered to be a symbol of lavish and luxury. Nevertheless this type of flooring is quite uncommon in the eastern countries. Most people in the eastern countries decide to go against the wooden flooring since it is not good for the environment. In many cases, this option is presented to clients as a way for the builders to up sale.

There are many good kitchen design companies in Dubai that take into account the taste and preferences of different people. The people who have lived most of their lives abroad are under the impression that they are most comfortable with the wooden flooring. Therefore, it is quite common to find floor made from wood tiles in those households. The wooden flooring requires much more attention and care than the normal types of floors. This floor surface should be varnished and polished at least once a year to make sure that the damage done can be minimized.

The older the wooden floor becomes the stronger it gets. When the wooden floor is removed from a house, it cannot be used again for flooring and goes to waste. Therefore, it is important that the people who are using the wooden floor do not get it damaged and take care of its repairing for a long time to come. At average a good wooden floor can last up to one to two decades. This time duration is not bad and it can be further extended if the residents arrange for regular polishing and varnishing. The wood floor is a low impact place so when a person jumps on its surface they do not feel the impact as strongly as a marble or SPC flooring.