Beginning of the concept of co-working spaces

Beginning of the concept of co-working spaces

The concept of a co working office began around 1995 in Berlin. It is supposed that the people who came up with this idea were a bunch of hackers. The core idea behind a co working space was to establish such a place and environment where people who belong from different professions and walks of life can come together under a single roof in order to share ideas, thoughts, experiences, information etc. which eventually will be proven in the benefit of everyone present in that co working space. Coworking office space has proven to be very successful ever since the emergence of its idea in the market.

One other fact that is behind the success of the co working space is that a few years back, in a report it was said that the number of co working spaces that are used around the globe is expected to be increased to a number around 20,000 by the year of 2020. This fact alone says a lot about the efficiency of the co working space. During the period of 2019, it was reported that the number of coworkers is approximately around 3 million. In the field of commercial real estate, a co working office space was the fastest growing type of office premise. This was the time of before the pandemic hit the world. After that a lot of things were affected by it and so were the co working spaces.

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Advantages of working in a co working space

The concept of co working space brought with it a huge number of advantages and benefits that the people can get benefitted from. It is one of those very rare opportunity that offers very less demerits and a lot of merits. This is the reason behind the fact that why people are now more inclined towards the co working space and they prefer to be working in that specific environment.

A co working space provides just the right motivation for you to keep on working. The motivation comes from all the driven people you are surrounded by. You can develop a whole network with the people that you meet in a co working space.