Best tips to move fragile items safely

Best tips to move fragile items safely

I have been a careful guy – when it comes to changing after I changed houses and broke a lovely antique laundry basin! For years it was a pretty Delft Blue tub, and I was tired of seeing the sad grey scar running down the length of that perfect porcelain and I had to dispose of the object. It is just a matter of proper planning and the correct instruments to avoid these traveling tragedies.

Here is our simple advice for packing and securing your delicate items:

  1. Schedule things in advance. It takes some time to load up precious quartz, porcelain, and other breakables. That’s not the rush spot. If you are not recruiting movers, launch the trip well in advance and take the time to pack these things correctly and determine whether they are going to the truck and vehicle.
  2. Have the correct instruments. This is what you need: shipping boxes of consistency of different sizes; wrapping paper, pads of the bubble, folding cartons, scissors, and packaging tape. A valuable tool is also a wide table for laying and packing the products. You may need an additional pair of hands for larger objects.
  3. Mark! Label it! Mark it! With the boxes labeled “fragile” with your delicate articles, your movers will help with them and with their unpacking and organization.
  4. Know what you’re going to pack and how to pack it appropriately. Flat-screen televisions and china for your grandma are also delicate products, but when it comes to the packaging they are very different. Do your homework on the right way to pack each piece, and prepare ahead so that you will not skip the bubble on the day you travel.

Most people wrap their delicate objects using old sheets, thin blankets, newsprint, or towels. This decision is not wise. Newsprint can be messy which means that in your new home you have more laundry to do. Towels are not strong or trustworthy. Old towels are easy to slip and cannot be protected by tape that is important to accurate packaging of valuables. You would be sorry please invest in the right equipment.

Finally, make sure that the international movers and packers in Dubai know which boxes are delicate. Some moving agencies bring specialized packets for delicate items, including dish packs and mirror/frame packs stocked by relocation firms. If your packaging ability is uncertain, call for assistance. In such a case, it is also best to connect with storage companies Dubai.