Details about brakes

You must have always heard about brakes but there are some other terms too related to the brakes. Today, you will learn those terms in simple and easy wordings. Go through this article to learn the terms related to brakes so that you can avoid awkwardness when somebody uses these terms in front of you.

How can you describe brake pads?

Brake pads are basically the components which comes in contact with the rotors and create friction so that your car be stopped.

How can you describe a rotor?

The rotor is in direct contact with every tyre. In order to bring the car to halt, you have to stop the rotor from spinning. The rotor stops spinning through the friction developed by the pads of the brakes.

How can you describe a caliper?

The caliper puts force after which it switches on the brake pads. Through this, the brake pads make connection with rotors. There is a need for brake fluid so that the caliper can work appropriately.

How can you describe a brake hose?

When you press the pedal of the brake, brake fluid passes between the brake hose to reach the caliper after which brake pads are ready to operate.

How can brake inspection be defined?

Brake inspection can basically be defined as checking and having a through look at the brakes to know if there are any issues in the brakes that needs to be fixed. You should take your car to the mechanic frequently so they can check the condition of the brakes and the leftover miles.

When brake inspection is done, the following parts are inspected.

  1. Pads
  2. Hoses
  3. Rotors
  4. Condition of the fluid
  5. Calipers
  6. Hardware
  7. Cylinders of the wheels
  8. Bearings of the wheels, etc.

When should you get your brake pads replaced?

Normally, the brake pads must be replaced after each fifty thousand miles. But, this factor can change depending upon a variety of factors. The brake’s quality, the atmosphere in which you are driving your car and the way the person drives the car, all these factors have an effect on the lifespan of brake pads.

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