Different procedures that a neurosurgeon can perform

Different procedures that a neurosurgeon can perform

If you have recently been made aware that you have a serious illness or disease and require a neurosurgeon’s help, it can be difficult to know what to expect. Neurosurgeons perform surgeries on an enormous scale, many of which will be of great importance to you or a loved one. A neurosurgeon works in much the same way as an obstetrician does – they diagnose the problem, which is then treated. Once diagnosed, your neurosurgeon will discuss with you how your condition fits into their protocols. They will examine you using diagnostic tools, perform a neurological exam, and provide you with a list of potential surgery techniques. You will then be given a list of options, which will include various techniques they consider the best for your condition.

Neurologists, or neurosurgeons, both specialize in the study of neurological disorders affecting the brain and central nervous system. The central nervous system, or the brain, controls all the functions of our body, including the spinal cord and all the internal organs. 


Neurosurgeons perform surgeries that involve the nerves, muscles, and other tissues. Different disorders affect different areas of the nervous system, resulting in a variety of surgical techniques. Neurosurgeons in Dubai are often called upon to diagnose and treat patients suffering from a wide range of ailments, including chronic pain. For example, some people suffer from a condition called fibromyalgia.

Perform certain tests:

Chronic pain is a condition where a patient has recurrent, intense pain that can’t be easily explained by physical causes. When a neurosurgeon examines a patient suspected of having chronic pain, tests are performed to determine the underlying cause. Tests such as x-rays and MRI scans can help your neurosurgeon to determine if your pain is being caused by your spine or by another part of your body, such as a carpel tunnel, which is pressing on your nerves.

Diagnose brain disorders:

Neurosurgeons and neurologists in Dubai also commonly diagnose brain disorders, such as stroke and cerebral palsy. These conditions usually result in symptoms that occur on one side of your body (side effects) and are not necessarily related to your spinal cord or nervous system at all. 

Brain surgery:

Another common procedure that a neurosurgeon may perform is a brain surgery known as craniopagus release. This procedure is performed to relieve pressure on the vocal cords that are caused by severe breathing irregularities, known as sleep apnea.