What to Expect From a Sports Physiotherapist

What to Expect From a Sports Physiotherapist

Sports physiotherapists, also called sports therapists, are health care professionals that provide treatments to athletes in rehabilitation from injuries sustained during athletic events. They are also responsible for the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries sustained by non-athletes. Chiropractic in Dubai can also perform these tasks for you. There are many different types of sports medicine treatments that a sports physiotherapist can provide to athletes.

-Sports physiotherapy usually focuses on aiding active individuals to recover from injury, increase their physical strength, develop greater resistance to future accidents, and increase their overall fitness level. You do not need to be an elite-level level athlete to take advantage of treatment from a sports physiotherapist. Sports physiotherapy is often used to prevent injuries before they occur, such as in car accidents and sprains. It can also be used to manage injuries that have already occurred, such as sprained ankles in sports like soccer and lacrosse.

-A sports physiotherapist will first assess the severity of the injury in the athlete and recommend a treatment plan. Depending upon the severity of the injury and the frequency of the athlete’s participation, the plan will be customized to fit the patient and his or her requirements. 

-In some instances, when the severity of an injury or other problem does not restrict the athlete’s -performance and activities, but the patient requires pain relief and will not play sport-related activities for a long period, the patient and his or her physician may discuss a conservative treatment plan. Often conservative treatment plans involve exercise programs that reduce pain and swelling while slowly increasing strength and resiliency. Many of these treatments are similar to those used by patients recovering from similar problems, which often help athletes heal more quickly. In some cases, a sports physiotherapist will combine conservative treatment with an aggressive program of rehabilitation.

-When we see a patient with a significant injury or with persistent pain, we ask how they are doing. We often want to take drastic action to resolve the situation. This is where we should look to a sports physio in Dubai for help. Even if the patient is unable to participate in the sport or is not interested in any form of exercise, a qualified professional can still help the patient return to their normal daily activities. Even if you can’t think about playing sports again, a qualified professional can help you move forward.