Salient features of a quality acoustic panel

Salient features of a quality acoustic panel

Have you ever tried outfitting your home, or office with acoustic panels in Dubai? In case you haven’t done this yet, you should think about it for sure. Firstly, it is pertinent to know about what an acoustic panel is and how it helps customers. As the name suggests, the panel has a lot to do with soundproofing. A quality acoustic panel will make sure that the room remains reasonably quiet. The technology used in these panels is cutting edge and is getting better with every model. Chances are that by the time you decide to fit these panels at your premises, the technology would’ve gone better. It would be better to keep an eye on the features in the acoustic panel before deciding to fit it at your place:

Absorbing unwanted sound

Those who have never used acoustic panels in any form may not be aware of the fact that these panels actually work. Interestingly, every company comes up with its own methods of achieving soundproofing. So, on one hand, some features in these panels may seem similar, but others can be considerably different. These panels are designed to absorb any unwanted forms of sound, such as echo. The panels contain materials that help to restrict the unwanted sound within the walls of the room. Soundproofing can be done on walls, ceiling, roof, and doors.  


These panels are often lightweight which allows them to be fitted easily in different places. Being lightweight, these panels are easy to lift and don’t require many labors. Their lightweight doesn’t make them fragile; rather, it is due to the layers of ultra-light, but, absorbing foam that is sandwiched within each panel. The foam is used as a form of absorbing the material and it does a good job at it.

Adequately thick

It is important to note that the acoustic panel you may be looking to install at your place is thick. Don’t worry, as its thickness doesn’t make it heavy. The thickness is there due to the fact that the panel contains layers of wood and housed within them is the thick layer(s) of foam. Keep in mind that the thickness of each panel may vary according to the requirement. Usually, customers ask for two-inch thick panels as they deem them sufficient for their needs. Co-incidentally, a two-inch thickness is industry standard so these panels should perform as per your expectations.

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